Monday, June 27, 2011

Beaufort to Myrtle Beach

So let's see... where did I leave off. Oh yes, Great Bridge Lock.

We locked thru at 0800, the only vessel southbound. All of the snowbirds are headed the other way... little do they know that we started out trip a little over a week ago in over coats.

The weather was beautiful as we came out of the North river into Albermarle Sound. I elected to head down Pamilco Sound as opposed to the ICW route which cuts thru a a shorter, inland route to Beaufort-Morehead City. However, running down the Pamlico means I will not have to go off and on the throttle everytime I meet a vessel headed in the opposite direction. It averages out to be about the same but with a wide open sound, it's autopilot and iPhone cribbage time!

Pulled into Beaufort, NC about 1600 hours and went straight to the dock. The needle on the fuel gauge ready 1/2 and I was satisfied that I had enough fuel onboard for the next day's run. Same routine as before - quick washdown, chamois, shower and off to dinner.

Every yachtie who has plied to east coast waters knows about Beaufort Docks. They are the only ones I know of who pass out wooden tokens for each person onboard the vessel. he tokens are traded in at the Boathouse bar for a schooner of beer. Of course, Beaufort isn't the end of the world... but you can see it from there.

One will find a variety of very good surf and turf restaurants and yes, a bar with a Jimmy Buffett wanna-be doing his best Margaritaville (he, wasn't he in Put-in-Bay?). My restaurant of choise is Rib Eyes. Mike, the owner, hand cuts steaks to the customer's specification. I like a 3 inch, 16 ounce rib eye, than you very much.  A nice salad bar and baked potato with Texas toast finishes out the faire. I you are early enough, you can step next door to the General Store for a hand dipped ice cream cone. Both of these are right across the street from the marina. Breakfast can be found at the Boardwalk Cafe at 0700. It is on the east side of the parking lot.

So, after a full tucker, as they say in Australia, it's back onboard and hit the sack. We have a long run to Myrtle Beach in the morning.

More to Follow...

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